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RISO (SG) PTE. LTD., is a sales subsidiary of RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION. It was established in Singapore in 2015, the 50th year of the founding of the Republic.

RISO’s main products are high-speed color printer ComColor and the digital duplicator RISOGRAPH. We offer optimal solutions for our customers, who wish to print larger volume documents at higher speeds and with lower running costs. Our products are used in schools, companies and governments in over 190 countries and regions around the world.

We strive to provide a stable supply of consumables and have set up a maintenance system so that our customers in Singapore can use our products with peace of mind.


Founded in 1946,RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION is a Japanese company.
RISO develops and manufactures printers, printer peripherals and related consumables. We strive to offer optimal inkjet and stencil printing solutions that live up to our development philosophy of “creating fundamentally unique products.”

Corporate Data

Corporate NameRISO(SG)PTE.LTD.
Managing DirectorKanta Tezuka
EstablishedApril 27, 2015
Address30 Kallang Place #07-04,
Singapore, 339159
ContactTel : +65 6384 7181
Fax : +65 6384 6942

RISO’s History

1946 – 1954 – Start-up Stage -Foundation- Pursuing the ideal in the Company name “RISO”(RISO means “ideals” in Japanese)

Sep., 1946    …   The founder Noboru Hayama began mimeograph printing
                            service under the business name “RISO-SHA” in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan.

Sep., 1948    …   Changed the business name to “RISO PRINTING” and opened a
                            mimeograph printshop in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan.

Mar., 1952    …   Started typed-character print service using the electric
                            typewriters and printing machines which were first brought to
                            Japan from UK.

Jun., 1954    …   Developed and launched RISO INK (emulsion ink first sold in Japan).

1955 – 1974- The 1st Growing Stage -Incorporation of the Company -We shall win through honesty and creativity

Jan., 1955    …    Dissolved “RISO PRINTING” and incorporated the company
                            “RISO KAGAKU LAVORATORY LIMITED.”

Dec., 1958    …   Launched the RISO-GRAPH (a mimeograph printing device).

Jan., 1963    …   Changed the name of the company to “RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION”.

Jul.-Aug., 1965    …   Established “Kasumigaura Plant” and started production there in August.

May., 1967    …   Launched the RISO FAX JF-7 (a thermal stencil master making device).

Aug., 1968    …    Moved the head office to Shimbashi, Tokyo, Japan.

May., 1969    …   Launched the RISO FAX JF-8

Jun., 1969    …   Opened local sales offices in major domestic cities, such as
                            Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka, to expand sales in Japan.

May., 1972    …   Launched the RISO TRAPEN-UP TU-230 (a thermal film making device for OHP)
and the RISO OHP 750.

Feb., 1974    …   Launched the RISO XENOFAX FX-150 and the RISO XENO MASTER.

1975 – 1988 – The 2nd Growing Stage – A Huge Leap Forward to a Comprehensive Stencil Printer Manufacturer

Sep., 1977    …   Launched personal card printer Print Gocco B6

Apr., 1979    …    Print Gocco B6 is donated to the Edison Museum in U.S.

Jan., 1980    …    New corporate logo and symbol introduced under Corporate
                                Identity enhancement program for a grownup corporate image

Jun., 1980    …    Launched first RISOGRAPH-brand products separate type master
                                making device and printer RISOGRAPH FX7200 and
                                RISOGRAPH AP7200


Oct., 1981    …   Completed Tsukuba Plant and starts production there

Jun., 1982    …   Exhibited RISOGRAPH FX7200 and RISOGRAPH AP7200 in
                              CeBIT in Hanover, Germany

Aug., 1984    …   Launched full-auto duplicator RISOGRAPH 007

Dec., 1984    …   Established Riso Educational Foundation


Dec., 1985    …   Established RISO OKINAWA CO., LTD. as domestic sales subsidiary

Jan., 1986    …   Established the first overseas sales subsidiary, RISO, INC., in the U.S.A.

Jun., 1986    …   Completed Ube Plant and starts production there

Aug., 1986    …   Launched digital duplicator RISOGRAPH 007 DIGITAL

Jun.,1988    …   Launched word processor interface ORD Printing System


Nov., 1988    …   Launched a mobile overhead projector with a built-in transparent
                              sheet maker RISO OAP200


1989 – 1997 – The Grownup Stage – Bringing New Duplicating Technology to the world as a Top Manufacturer Digital Duplicators

Apr., 1989    …   Established the European administrative subsidiary, RISO EUROPE
                             LTD., in London, U.K.
                             Launched RISOGRAPH RC series

Oct., 1989    …   Listed in the over-the-counter stock market in Japan, JASDAQ

Jan., 1990    …   Established second overseas sales subsidiary, RISO (Deutschland)
                             GmbH, in Hamburg

Apr., 1990    …   Built research and development facility, currently called K&I
                             Development Center

Apr., 1991    …   Established RISO FRANCE S.A. as sales subsidiary in Lyon, France

Nov., 1991    …   Launched a top-grade, high-precision Print Gocco model Print
                             Gocco PG-10 Super

May, 1992    …   Established RISO (U.K.) LTD. as sales subsidiary in London, U.K

Jan., 1993    …   Established RISO IBERICA S.A. as sales subsidiary in Barcelona,Spain

Apr., 1993    …   Established RISO HONG KONG LTD. as sales subsidiary in HongKong.
                             Established RISO TSUKUBA CO., LTD. as domestic sales subsidiary

Jul., 1993    …   Established RISO CANADA, INC. as sales subsidiary near Toronto,
                             Launched RISOGRAPH RA series

Jan., 1994    …   Launched the world-first inner-press-engine digital duplicator
                                RISOGRAPH SR7200

Jul., 1994    …   Established RISO CHINA LTD. as Chinese administrative subsidiary in
                             Hong Kong

Nov., 1994    …   Established RISO (Thailand) LTD. as sales subsidiary in Bangkok,
                                Thailand.Established RISO SHIZUOKA CO., LTD. as domestic sales
                                Launched RISOGRAPH GR series

Jan., 1995    …   Moved the head office to the current headquarter building in
                                Tamachi, Tokyo

Feb., 1995    …   Established RISO AFRICA (PTY) LTD. as sales subsidiary in
                                Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa

Jul., 1995    …   Launched RISOGRAPH TR series of low-end compact RISOGRAPH

Nov., 1995    …   Launched a digital Print Gocco model equipped with CCD and a
                                thermal print head, Print Gocco Digital CD-1

Jan., 1996    …   Tsukuba Plant obtained ISO9002 certification

Nov., 1996    …   Established RISO POLAND Sp.z o.o. as sales subsidiary in Warsaw,

Jul., 1997    …   Launched a sketch-book-type Print Gocco, RISOSCRIPT,for
                             manuscript-fond users

Aug., 1997    …   Launched RISOGRAPH SR7400

Oct., 1997    …   Built another research and development facility, currently used as
                                the base for R&D Technology Center, beside Tsukuba plant



1998 – 2002 – Another Growing Stage – Providing attractive tools for paper communication in a new century

                                as trading subsidiary in Shanghai, China

Jul., 1998    …   Launched RISOGRAPH CR series

Jan., 1999    …   Launched RISOGRAPH FR series

May, 1999    …   Established RISO TECHNOLOGY ZHUHAI CO., LTD. as joint venture
                             subsidiary in Zhuhai, China, to prepare for expected sales expansion
                             in China

Oct., 1999    …   Started production in the manufacturing plant of RISO TECHNOLOGY
                                ZHUHAI CO., LTD. in Zhuhai, China
                                Launched the inner-press-engine RISOGRAPH dedicated to
                                card/envelope printing, RISO MEISTER CP150

Nov., 1999    …   Launched Print Gocco Digital

Apr., 2000    …   Launched RISO RN series

Jul., 2000    …   Establishes RISOGRAPH ITALIA S.p.A. as sales subsidiary in Milan,

Oct., 2000    …   Launched RISO V8000 world-first one-pass two-color digital

Dec., 2000    …   The Tsukuba site (Tsukuba Plant and R&D Technology Center)
                                obtained ISO14001 certification

Jan., 2001    …   Launched compact type digital duplicator RISO KS series for
                             overseas markets

Jun., 2001    …   Established RISO KOREA LTD. as sales subsidiary in Seoul, Korea

Aug., 2001    …   The Ube site (Ube Plant and others) obtained ISO14001 certification

Nov., 2001    …   Launched a soy-oil-containing digital duplicator ink RISO SOY INK

Dec., 2001    …   Launched a network combination of a digital duplicator and a page
                                printer, “RISO Hybrid Printing System”

Nov., 2002    …   Established Riso Ireland Laboratory Limited in Maynooth, Ireland, as
                                the first software design center to be located outside Japan

RISO V8000

RISO V8000

RISO(SG) PTE LTD TEL +65 6384 7181
Hours: 8:15 – 17:00 (Available except on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, summer holidays and New Year’s)

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